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You’ve worked hard to get where you are now, tried many suggestions from online sources and yet somehow it’s not enough. There is no consistency or proven path to follow that feels right for you.
You know you have a something huge to share, and these dreams can’t wait any longer. You have to make changes now for effective change.

You want to work with someone who gets you, and doesn’t force a cookie cutter formula upon you. Someone who aligns to who you truly are and understands what you truly want. Someone who has helped others to build their business, whether it is from the ground up, on the cusp of six figures, or over.

Your dream is real, and you need help now to get there. A way that gets you that radical breakthrough and repeatable results, whilst still feeling like fun. 

We work with you…

You’re a practical human on a mission to create growth and build a lifestyle that includes a profitable, sustainable business. You might be an introvert and are trying to find out how to be a leader whilst needing your recovery time.

You dream of creating your big ideas into a business that has predictable growth, without the feast and famine rollercoaster that keeps pulling you back under. You dream of freedom, contentment, and success on your terms. You yearn to build wealth for yourself, for your family, for others.

You know deep down this is possible for you, and even though you’re made of resilience and action you’re struggling to see HOW to reach your goals in a way that’s sustainable and feels really good. You’ve tried before and it didn’t work, so now you’ve lost faith in your own ability to make the right choice.


Business Coach Merinda Smith

That’s where we come in…

At the core of our offers sits the “Dominate your Game” framework which works with three key elements of Game Plan, Leadership and Self-Mastery.

We focus on helping you create a simple game plan for personal growth and your business.

This process produces repeatable results, unshakeable inner confidence, unique standout positioning, sustainable business with next level revenue, freedom and contentment. You rock


Subconscious rewiring
Mindset & growth
Limiting beliefs
Inner obstacles
Next level identity


New leader Foundations
Outstanding leaders
Leadership introverts
Authentic leader
Leadership essentials

Game Plan

Business set up
Strategy – method, design, blueprint, approach
Safety in recurring revenue

Merinda Smith Business Coach

Merinda Smith has built a solid reputation of trust in the coaching industry, focusing on simple, sustainable, and super effective ways to grow, without burning out or selling out.

All programs are created and led by Merinda. Through one on one coaching and powerful blended learning courses, we help leaders, service-based business owners, coaches and entrepreneurs connect with their unique magic, build unwavering confidence and turn their big ideas into profit.

We merge proven strategies, hearty mindset methods and simple systems to create six figure success stories. At the core we activate mindful humans, helping them to step into mastery as they build a business that creates a legacy.

Our sweet spot is helping those single operators to scale as they build a sustainable business that aligns with them.

Joanne Dickenson

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Energy work 

Merinda holds such a beautiful space during the process, with a perfect balance between listening & asking questions and offering support and recommendations.
Business Coach
Anna S
Merinda listens deeply, frames conversation well and grounds me when needed. She gives me new ideas and a perspective on what I need to do and improve.
Business Midnset Coach
Jordan T
I am so lucky to have Merinda Smith as part of my team to help with my business. I'm so thankful she is always ready to listen, and know how to tweak my confidence to step into new challenges as both myself and my business grows.
Business Mindset Coach
Ann M
Thank you Merinda for all your help with moving into my new journey. You are a wonderful and understanding human being!
Business Mindset Coach
Amanda LC

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