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I’m Merinda Smith; thank you for visiting my website. Welcome! I help coaches, consultants, and trainers move from overwhelm and Ok results, to amplify their core genius, simplify their business and attract more of their ideal clients, so that they can deliver epic results.

I offer a 30 minute strategy session so that I can look at your business and offer solutions to move you forward. If you would like to have one, please click the link to book a suitable time together online.

As a result of working with 100s of coaches/trainers in many different industries for over 12 years I have observed that they all face a common challenge.

They are struggling for profits, and whilst they have been to a “thousand” marketing seminars they still are not sure of the way forward.

The major problems I solve are a lack of sales, lack of self-confidence and a lack of brand leverage within the business. I provide a unique combination of training and mentoring to solve these problems by helping clients to design and execute a business model that is highly profitable and leveraged.

I do this through step-by-step strategies that I KNOW work for all service based industries.

When it comes to running a business, I know from personal experience that spending most of your time not believing in yourself sucks and isn’t going to bring you in clients. Your clients can smell that fear from kilometres away.

My clients know me best for helping them to be confident in themselves and their new strategies to enhance their effectiveness, whilst helping them to increase profits. Ultimately, I leave my clients feeling like they finally have the business and lifestyle they want. If you are a Business owner who wants to embark proactively in growth phase then maybe I can help. Let’s talk!

Strategy Session

Alternatively you can complete the form below, and I’ll be in touch very soon.

If you would like an online 30 minute strategy session then click the button below.