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Intensive business mindset sessions Working with you


Working on a conscious and subconscious level we expand your capacity to take and give out information. Clearing blocks that may have been with you all your life, so that you can be your best self, and serve your business in a way like never before.  
Working with your chakras  and mindset to clear blocks that are keeping you stuck. This enables you to clear both the subconscious and the energy fields.
Transform energy to better support you, AND manifest what you desire.
The sessions allow you to ground and realign with your soul, so that you  stop self-sabotage, regain your self-trust and self-worth, become the expert you really are, remove judgement and blame, allow the money to flow easily into your business, bring joy and abundance. 
Step into the best you.

HEAL You Immersive


30 day  – 4 x 90 minute individual sessions 

  • You can receive all The Expansion Codes® within this timeframe.
  • embodiment exercises 
  • time to process each clearing 
  • embedding session 
  • support throughout the 30 days 

The Expansion Booster


2 x 90 minute individual sessions

  • Up to 4 Expansion Codes® package
  • Includes 2 sessions 
  • at least a week apart
  • embodiment exercises 
  • support during the process

Magic Mastermind

$99 pm

Monthly group healing sessions 
  • Clear every growth block standing in the way
  • Unleash your magic to what you’ve been resisting
  • Online learning to enhance your mindset and remove your limiting beliefs 
  • Monthly embodiment exercises
Business mindset Coach
Mindset & growth

The time is right for You


  • Achieve your goals with clarity

  • Experience self-confidence

  • Transform your leadership

  • Deepen your insights and allow alternative perspectives

  • Set your own action plan

  • Be more decisive

  • Be a role model for yourself, your team & your family

  • Transform your relationships

Walk away with clarity and tools to implement immediately 

Business Mindset Coach
Business Mindset Coach

Are you the right fit for coaching...?

When I work with people in my VIP programs I want to know they are getting the most value from their sessions. That way we both win. I help you, and you grow your business. That’s why I’ve put together some keys tips on whether you are the right fit.

I want to work with you if you’re interested in personal development to help your business grow.  You lead a small business, and maybe a small team.

You provide a service to your industry of which you are passionate about and can say that much of your business success is from your (and maybe your spouse or other) input. Yet you find that you have constant decisions to make with no easy answers. You don’t have time for the things you know are most important, let alone have time for yourself. And there are unrelenting critical voices in your head, questioning everything you do.

People who are open minded, willing to learn new techniques, and who would say they are an action taker, make huge impact on their business when being coached in these programs.

If this sounds like you, let’s chat.

Business Mindset Coach


Are you a business owner looking to accelerate your results? 

There’s so much you want to achieve…yet self-doubtanxiety, and procrastination are standing in the way.

We hear you!  …and you are not alone.


Our services are designed for service-based small business owners. You work with or without a small team, and are looking for rapid and sustainable business growth. 


Start with our Online Business Audit to gain clarity on what is needed. 

Online Business Audit

Online Business Audit

Short cut your success journey through an Online Business Audit. Find out what you need right now to get things moving for your business success.

It’s easy, it’s online. 

We look at strategy, marketing, you, and operational areas. Everything that makes an amazing business.  

An audit to identify the ESSENTIAL ingredients needed to grow your business.

Find what urgently needs to be done, so that you can reach your results much, much quicker.

$583.00 Inc GST

60 minute online call. Following the call you receive a bespoke report showing you what needs to happen in your business immediately, in the short term and long term to get your results.   

Business Coach Bunbury
Bunbury, Western Australia
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