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Your mind and brain influence and impact your business. Work with tools to make profound breakthroughs to your world and gain goal attainment. 

Mindfulness Workshop

Mindfulness Workshop

Unwind and reconnect to what’s most important to you. Get your mojo back through mindful activities. Recognise the importance of slowing down to prevent burn out. Step outside your day-to-day routine and reconnect with the healing power of nature.

1 day and 1/2 day workshops of up to 12 people available .

Contact Merinda to discuss your needs. 

Equine Assisted Learning

EAL mindfuless

Equine Assisted Learning is all about being with the equines – horses and donkey. Listening to what they have to share to allow you to reflect and grow. Practice tools to support yourself in times of stress,and mental fatigue.

Workshops of 4 hours or 6 hours with groups of up to 12 .  

Contact Merinda to discuss your needs 

In-house workshops Leadership & development

One-day and Half-day workshops presented on topics such as: 

  • Creating Confident leaders
  • Having difficult conversations 
  • Communicate using emotional intelligence
  • Authentic leadership
  • Lead effective workplace relationships

  • Implement operational plans 

  • Promote innovation in your team

  • Mentoring in the workplace

Be fearless.

Believe that you can.

It is time to acknowledge that you have ambitions. Time to stop playing small, it serves no one, especially not your business or your bottom line. Release your limiting beliefs, thoughts and or fears (you may not even have realised you had). Clear the blocks that stop you from being visible, successful and truly living your best life!

My wish for you is to realise your potential.