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Online Business Audit

Business Health Check

Short cut your success journey through an Online Business Audit. Find out what you need right now to get things moving for your business success.

It’s easy, it’s online. 

We look at strategy, marketing, you, and operational areas. Everything that makes an amazing business.  

 Customised report showing you the areas you could improve upon to grow your business and your next steps. Suitable for start up businesses and those who have lost their way a bit… and need that guiding hand.

Are you a business owner looking to accelerate your results? 

There’s so much you want to achieve…yet self-doubtanxiety, and procrastination are standing in the way.

We hear you!  …and you are not alone.

Start with our Online Business Audit to identify the ESSENTIAL ingredients needed to grow your business.

Find what urgently needs to be done, so that you can reach your results much, much quicker.

Business Mindset Coach

Coaching 1:1


Ready to Scale

You know you need help with figuring out the right way forward. You’re not sure if it’s your strategy, operational, marketing systems or your mindset. 

You want to make a difference, but don’t know how to get there. You could need a simple one off session or 6-months coaching. 

Book an Online Business Audit to find out what is your MOST URGENT need. 

My signature program



Your business success is more than strategies. It includes your mindset, beliefs and energy fields. In Bootcamp we work on them all. 

Your SUCCESS awaits. 

Bringing your chakras and beliefs into alignment. Allowing you to flourish, your blockages to be removed, and abundance to come into your life.

Join us in group

FREE Content



Blog posts and free downloads are the best place to start if you’re looking for FREE advice. All about leadership, mindset and business. There is truly some amazing content.

SIGN UP to recieve weekly leadership tips straight to your inbox. 

Also check out my Facebook Group –  The Introvert Business Group. We welcome introvert business people.  

Looking for a one off or maybe an introduction session?

Book a 30-minute 1 on 1 call

Commiting to a coaching program can be daunting fi you don’t know the coach. This FREE session allows you to connect with Merinda, and see if she is right for you. 

Click the link to book the call. 

Merinda Smith


Let’s look at ways to work together

Business Mindset Coach

6 months Business & Mindset Coaching

Work with me over 6 months to tranform you and your business. We cover in detail the following areas. 


Be clear on where your company is going and set plans and goals to get you there.


Create a solid foundation for your business to scale.


Identify your unique differentiators and positioning 

Entreprenuerial Mindset

Understand your unique skill sets as a leader and where you need some work. 


Get laser sharp clarity on your ideal paying client

Energy Clearing

Gain clarity, release old stories and negative patterns to allow you to shine.

Creating Confident leaders
Bunbury, Western Australia