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Lets work together… 

I have a variety of ways, so please see below

Merinda Smith
leadership & Business Coach

Book a 15 minute coaching session with Merinda so that you can get clearer on what’s currently happening for you, and where you wish to head. 


This session is FREE  

leadership Coaching

A series of 6 x 1 hour leadership strategy and coaching sessions – Build your confidence and self esteem, each call allowing you to come away feeling super clear on your next steps to get your leadership moving forward. BOOK your first call now. 

leadership Coach

The Organisational Review is a process to assess the effectiveness and resilience of an organisation, and it is the starting point in our coaching relationship with customers. BOOK a 30 minute FREE strategy session with Merinda to commence the project.  

New leaders Foundation Course

BOOST Your leadership skills, create calm in you and bring back some normality, through looking after YOU…and your team. Using communication as a secret weapon and successful insight and reflective practices increase your emotional intelligence to take others on your journey to success. 

leadership & Business Coach

Find out about your unique  Entrepreneurial Mindset and  have a 1 hour deep dive into your leadership style. Leverage your strengths, accelerate innovation, creativity and growth leadership.  BOOK a 15 minute online session with Merinda to get started. 

Mastermind Business Group

Does meeting online with a select group of people who work together to help each member of the group overcome challenges and achieve their goals excite you? 

That is the power of a mastermind group. Every meeting is as unique as it’s members yet powerful in achieving massive success.  

Independent Business Review A process to collect, analyse, interpret and feed back data to help you strengthen your organisation.

What you can expect

The Organisation Review is a process to assess the effectiveness and resilience of your organisation.

Data is collected using several surveys, as well as face to face interviews. The objective is to develop insights and intelligence
about your business so that, with the support of your coach, you can strengthen your business.

The information collected gives you a snapshot of your current business’s health across the whole system. I then provide advice on what to start working on now to transform your business.

You will discover…

  • Your effectiveness as a leader
  • The alignment of the owners (if multiple)
  • The effectiveness of the leadership team
  • The resilience of your business
Not sure where to start? Do an Organisational Review

Not sure where to start? Do an Organisational Review

 I’d love to have a conversation with you, to see where I can be of value to you to assist in growing the business. We can talk about your business needs, and the best way you learn and take action.

Send me a message and let’s get on a call, no obligation, no cost, let’s talk. 30 mins and in that time I can give you some tips and ideas that could really help you.

Independent Business Review


We’d love to have a chat about your business, so please contact me now.

Mastermind Business Group Intake: February, June, and October

Business Mastermind group

A Mastermind group is a powerful and yet supportive way to attain your goals.

We are opening our doors for another Mastermind group of up to 8 ambitious business owners with the purpose of helping each other’s specific growth goals for the next 6 months.

What you can expect

Everyone in your group will have a different skillset and network of people. This becomes key to your success, allowing you to progress in ways you never could by yourself. 

Differing Perspectives

Hearing the different views fellow Mastermind participants allows you to see issues you may not become aware of. From the information you have a better understanding of how to improve your approach.

So if you show up and give, then that will come back to you 10x. 


We know that Masterminds having amazing possibilities. We also know that you get what you put in. 

You are held accountable to goals and through the scheduled meetings you find you have an internal driver to make progress.


We meet online, so a phone, or computer is all you need. Come ready with your own unique experiences so that you can be supported, grow and to support others. By committing to show up for all the meetings you will gain maximum benefits.  

Are you Ready ?

We’d love to have you come on board, so please send your Expression of Interest

Not sure?

If you are not sure what you actual want, then maybe you need to have a chat about your leaders or your business. 

Sometimes you need clarity on your…

  • Purpose and Vision
  • Business Culture
  • Business leaders 
  • Economic Engine (Target Markets, Market Offering, Customer Roles & Stories, Point of Difference, Commercial model)
  • 3-year Resilient Business goals
  • Annual and quarterly objectives and key results
Bunbury, Western Australia


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