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Mastermind Group Doors opened for July 2020 group


We are opening our doors for another Mastermind group of up to 8 ambitious female business owners with the purpose of helping each other’s specific growth goals for the next 10 months. A Mastermind group is a powerful and yet supportive way to attain your goals.

Jo wrote to me and said “It’s been so amazing getting to know you and the other ladies (during the Mastermind). I loved the accountability and stretches”

What you can expect

We know that Masterminds can feel somewhat intimidating if you don’t know what to expect. So we will be having another in-person kick off where everyone can learn more about each other in the flesh.

Differing perspectives. Hearing the different views fellow Mastermind participants allows you to see issues you may not become aware of. From the information you have a better understanding of how to improve your approach.

Resources. Everyone in your group will have a different skillset and network of people. This becomes key to your success, allowing you to progress in ways you never could by yourself.

Accountability. You are held accountable to goals and through the scheduled meetings you find you have an internal driver to make progress.

We’d love to have you come on board, so please send your Expression of Interest.


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