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Business Mindset Coach

Online Training and Coaching Courses

Business & Mindset Audit

Discover what’s holding your business back. Get super clear where you need to focus for growth. Having a baseline is all about understanding where you are right now, and what you need to do to get your business results.

Meet online to conduct the audit. The audit outcome is you will have the clarity to move forward. Audits can be conducted annually or as a quarterly planning guide. 

Energy Breakthrough Session

Truely transformative sessions that stop what’s holding you back from creating your successful business. Working with your energy system and chakras, we’ll clear and embody a new you. 

Energy blocks show up in some of the following ways:  

  • Not taking action or undercharging 
  • Not wanting to be seen 
  • Getting stuck in perfectionism or preparation
  • Lack of focus and jumping from strategy idea to strategy idea
  • Feeling stuck or resistance to move towards a deadline, concept, idea. 
  • over eating or drinking 

Find your Uniqueness

Standing out in this crazy noisy business world, is hard. In this session we truly look into how your set of unique talents and special gifts support your business and ideal paying clients. When you are ready to truly embrace your true business self, and share that gift with others around you, you will attract the right people … the ones you love to work with.

When you genuinely love working with these clients and what they do, it sets the foundation for stronger, more satisfying business relationships.

In my many years of being in business, this is one of the hardest areas to do by yourself. YOU seriously need a coach to help you extract the hidden gems within you. 

Goal Setting Session

Visualising your business plans into goals brings them to reality and sets you up for success. Setting your business goals is one of the most important aspects of being the leader of a small business. The next is tracking them. Goals allow you to track your progress, and give you a clear focus, that motivates employees. There’s no denying the importance of business goals.

Having clear, well-defined goals can help you take control of your business’s direction and increase the chances of achieving your larger business targets.

Time & Focus Audit

Time is a very valuable yet often overlooked commodity. Many small business owners spend large parts of their week not having sufficient time to complete every task, or reach goals set for themselves. Analysing where you spend your focus time should be the top priority for all small business owners. It is that powerful!

😑 Are you overloaded and weighed down with never ending commitments?

It’s time to review what’s happening and get you working in your zone of genius where you are the most productive.   

Purpose Clarity Session

By the end of this session you will have pride and power in seeing your purpose and vision that’s at your core.  Create a vivid mental image of what you want your business to be at some point in the future, based on your goals and aspirations.

A powerful vision statement stays with you and your team. It creates a genuine connection with customers and employees, they’ll stay loyal to your company. Being out of alignment can affect every area of your life and business.

Following this session you’ll gather motivation and momentum, knowing you can achieve it.

ONE on ONE Online Business Growth VIP Coaching

Business growth through using our Creating Confident Leaders Model

What you can expect

  • Reconnect with your why and purpose
  • Reflect your reset whilst being an introvert
  • Resonate through a clear path and structured systems
  • Reshape the future through a proven framework to establish consistency with less energy
  • Re-energise the mindset knowing it’s actually possible to do this without burnout and exhaustion
  • Rejoice in the changes and success

Conducted thorugh Regular On-line Zoom meetings – to discuss where you are at with your business and the pain points you are experiencing.

By going through my online business assessment and answering a series of questions we will uncover the truth of what’s been keeping you so stuck. 

This will give you the clarity to move forward with fresh ideas to strengthen the performance of your business. 

Working together over time we use proven methods that radically evolve your business and supercharge your results.

I’d love to have a conversation with you, to see where I can be of value to you to assist in growing the business. We can talk about your business needs, and the best way you learn and take action.

No charge – Send me a message and let’s get on a call, no obligation, no cost, let’s talk. 30 mins and in that time I can give you some tips and ideas that could really help you.

Business Mindset Coach

Talk to Merinda

I am happy to talk with you, one on one online, to see how I can can help. It is important we are a right fit, so take this step to make sure you're talking to the right Business Coach for you.
I am happy to talk with you, one on one online, to see how I can can help. It is important we are a right fit, so take this step to make sure you’re talking to the right Business Coach for you.


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