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Mastering YOU

Create your new future.

Live your WORTH and ACHIEVE your dreams 

Business Coach

Step through your challenging period into the most exciting time of your life

Release your anxiety, self-doubt and remove your limiting beliefs. 

Expand your dreams, and receive the transformation you’ve been seeking to unlock your potential.

It’s time to reclaim your power

My bespoke program guides you through the most profound and important shift that has you KNOW WITH CERTAINTY that you are more than what you see…

…and you have UNLIMITED POWER that can create whatever you want, no matter what your circumstances are now.

Business Coach


😶 Keep BUSY so you don’t see what’s holding you back

😶 Constantly say “I SHOULD do…” yet you don’t

🤔 Need to please others, and then feel DISAPPOINTED

💲  See your revenue stay the same, month after month, regardless of the marketing effort?

🤔 Struggle to move forward in your leadership or business?

🤔 Feel like an imposter, even though you have the skills & capability?

🤔 Lack confidence to make changes 

🤔 Find your life frustrating and overwhelming at times?

Business Coach

Powerful Self-coaching tools with Online Connections  

Supporting your mindset and growth

Over the years of running my own business I’ve realised so many of my clients are disconnected from their business, stressed, anxious and sometimes facing health issues. That is why I started helping with mindset and energy work. I realised my clients needed more then business coaching.

To enable easy access I started this Mastermind packed full of strategies, clearings, and embodiment all wrapped up in a easy platform so that you can access it whenever it suits you.  

Week by week

Build a better relationship with yourself, bring more Joy more Abundance and Wealth into your life.  

Free Access to Community

Relate to other business owners and share stories, results and excitement of being a new you.  

Powerful Live sessions with Merinda

Each month we go live for clearing sessions and Q & A

Tools, e-books and ideas

Easily accessed online and equivalent to weeks of coaching sessions

Join Now

Monthly and Annual pricing

Join our monthly plan if you are not sure what to get. It is our most popular plan. The annual plan gives you a discount of 10%. Risk free.

0439 544 105

Business mindset Coach
Business Coach

You deserve to feel powerful as a leader

You deserve to STOP going around in your endless loop getting nowhere fast

Imagine how long you can put up with it before you break…

We think we can do it ourselves, yet sometimes we need a helping hand.  


Business Mindset Coach

The results speak for themselves. My clients have achieved results like this:

✮ Better client outcomes 
✮ No longer fear being found out as a fraud, and not being able to deliver. I know I can do this. 
✮ More joy and awareness gaining a better perspective 
✮ Clarity of direction and self-confidence to go get it
✮ Tapped into a flow of abundance, allowing goodness to flow to and from me.
✮ Slowing down enabling me to get things done, rather than running around, doing lots and achieving not much
✮ Replaced self doubt with a rock solid belief that I ‘can’.
✮ Building of my personal awareness
✮ Feel that I’m able to give so much more to my team, my business and me by having a greater understanding.

They say:

✮ The training is nicely structured, each part is very coherent.
✮ Merinda is doing a great job and I am thankful for her support and help in this area
✮ Merinda makes learning very interesting. Her training style is very friendly, pragmatic and participative.
And so much more.

and the benefits of these bring: 

Abundance – allowing you to buy those things you want to buy
Happiness and generally making your life better 
Joy in life, and what you do as well as with the ones you love 
Increased self-trust > more trust from others > more clients > more income
Less stress, anxiety, hustle, exhaustion and disconnecting from mission. 
Feeling worthy, and on mission
Charging what you are worth and valuing your work and contribution
More time for you and family  

Frequently Asked Questions

As a certified conscious business and mindset coach, I help my clients play a bigger more fulfilling game. I truely am your secret weapon, working on you behind the scenes.   


In my program I support you fully, so you can process it all at your own pace and move on to each session in your own time. Working online and meeting together each month. The LIVE connection is scheduled, however everything else is done at your pace. 
Structured in 30-day cycles, so that you can join us anytime. My program contains:
📌    new course content and actions to work through monthly
📌    monthly guided videos
📌    monthly LIVE healing sessions 
📌    audio sessions for you to take with you to listen & guide you
📌    embodiment practices to activate the process & support your journey
  • Rediscover the magic that already lies inside of you.
  • Connect you to your spiritual essence: to embody more wisdom and serenity within you
  • Grow an entrepreneurial mindset: with innovation, creativity, and clarity
  • Work with your heart, gut, and head to carve out decision-making powers 
  • Clear away negative energy to free you from what is holding you back 
  • Reprogram limiting beliefs  

Do you have any questions? 

Book a 15 minute online Session with Merinda